LANL Weather Machine

Conditions on Pajarito Mountain

Elevation 10,360 ft
August 28, 2013, 13:00 MST (+1 hour for MDT)
Updated on the hour

Wind (118 ft above ground)

Speed (mph) *****
Direction (from, deg) *
Maximum gust since 00 MST (mph) *****

Atmospheric State Variables (near the ground)

Temperature (deg-F) 
     Current 62.9
     Minimum since 00 MST 51.2
     Maximum since 00 MST 64.5
Dew point temperature (deg-F) 44.9
Relative Humidity (%) 52
Pressure (in-Hg) 20.8

Precipitation (in)

The snow depth measurement below does not represent snowfall and accumulation at lower levels on the mountain.This is a single point measurement on top of a peak that is scoured by winds. The siting criteria included: not being a danger to skiers; near a power source and other instrumentation on the adjacent tower; and, trees to provide a natural windbreak.
Current snow depth (+/- 0.5) 1.8
 Water EquivalentSnowfall
Last 15 minutes 0.00(not computed)
Last hour 0.000.0
Since 00 MST 0.000.0

Missing data entered as "*"